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A Fund Raising Drive
to promote the
Family MacDuff,
the hero of our opera.

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Clan MacDuff

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You have heard the music from our opera MacBeth. You all know the hero of this opera, your ancestor MacDuff. MacDuff is world famous for deposing the tyrant MacBeth and bringing freedom and justice to Scotland.

We need your support to bring this completed lyrical opera to the world stage. If I can raise $200,000 there is no opera company in the world who would deny us a first class production. I am asking the Family MacDuff to contribute $20.00 each to support this very important lyrical work.

This is not an online internet scam! Your contributions will go straight to a legitimate bank account that you can check on. I guarantee no funds raised will be used for personal use. All funds are soley used for production purposes.

If the goal is not reached, all funding will be sent to the American Clan MacDuff.

Please feel free to contact me with any and all questions.


What Clan MacDuff will receive:

* Free tickets to all productions

* Prior to every performance, Scotland Forever will be played

* Notes in the program regarding the Clan MacDuff.

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