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Antony & Cleopatra
Act 1 Scene 1

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As the opera opens, Antony and Cleopatra enter with their entourage who applaud their overt amorous behavior. He kissing her fingers, then the hem of her garment, Enobarbus, Antony's advisor, is disgusted by this love-sick clowning and confides his thoughts to the audience.


Look you at the doting of our General
See how it overflows the measure
His goodly eyes that once commanded legions
Now used to leer at an aging trollops pleasure
His captains heart which in scuffles of great fights
Had burst the buckles of his plated breast
Now becomes the bellows and the fan
To coo and cool this lusty gypsies hand
Note, you will see in him
The triple pillar of the world
Transformed into a strumpet's fool
No longer fit to command
No longer fit to rule


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