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Antony & Cleopatra
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Antony and Cleopatra now express their love for each other. Then a messenger from Rome enters. Cleopatra chides Antony that he is still under the thumb of young Caesar. Antony deny's this and declares his love for her is more important than his allegiance to Rome. Then with pomp and flourish the entourage exits for a night of revelry.


If you say you love me, then say to me how much


There's beggary in the love that can be measured


I'll set a mark that no one else can touch


Needs find new heavens, new earth to act upon our pleasure

Messenger approaches antony, kneels to deliver a scroll


News my lord, from Rome


Not now, AWAY!


Hear him Antony, perhaps young Caesar has sent new mandates to you
Do this or that, enfranchise all kingdoms that you see
Then hurry back to Rome and do it on your knees


How now my love? You're losing faith in me


Hear the messenger, my Lord, my Antony


Not so my love.
Let Rome in tiber melt and the wide range of the arched empire fall
Octavus may beckon, but none here will heed the call
The nobleness of life is to do thus

as they kiss passionately

When such a twin shall do it
On pain of death the world to weep
We stand up peerless.. Avant my sweet

They exit to drums and pomp. The Messenger follows after


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