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Antony & Cleopatra
Act 1 Scene 4

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Griefs left unsettled now in Rome will only stew and rot
My present needs to face our Caesar and re-divide the world


Cleopatra getting wind of this will die a thousand deaths
I've seen her rent her hair when small things go amiss
Leaving now will cause a row that I would rather miss

Antony & Enobarbus

Her sighs and tears are greater than any tempest known
She's cunning past mans thoughts that ever are renowned
The pipes not played or drum been made
where she cannot change the sound
I must break my going forth
and get her leave to part
You to our captains straight away
and make the army start
I would there were another way
I'll need a lions heart today


©1996-97 Chiusano and Tyburn , all rights reserved.