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In this scene Cleopatra is throwing a pleasure party, awaiting news from Rome that Antony will soon return. But she has just been informed by her spys that he is going to marry Caesars sister. Naturally she is very upset, and starts plotting to win him back.


Married you say? Married you say!
How could the Gods treat me this way?
In praising Antony far too much
I dis-praised Caesar did I not?


O you did Madam


Now I am paid, I'm paid, I am paid a terrible lot
Return to Rome honest fellow and report on all you see
Her years, her bearing, her hair, and bring it back to me
I'm sick Charmein, though he painted like a gorgon
He's still Mars to me
Bring me word of her disposition
Then I shall see what I shall be

She puts out her arms for support, they run to her side

Iris, bring me hot water. I would steep me in it deep
I'll wash out this temporal pain and let the waters creep
into the muddy Nile, thence to open sea
Up the Tiber's mouth
into Italy
Into Italy
into Italy
Then when my Antony but wash his curled beard
He will be kissing me
Her will be drinking me
Bring me hot water, water, torrents of it
Cloud bursts, floods!, floods!, bring us floods

Cleopatra is lifted up on the shoulders of the whole chorus and carried about the stage as the chorus continues to sing "Bring on floods"


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