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Antony & Cleopatra
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Iris and Charmein demand their fortunes be read, but pay little attention to the dire warning.



Tell us our fortune or get thee gone for a charlatan we paid thee well, now say


Mine first, here's my hand, read it without delay


Silence all. This work demands I summon up the spirits
Bring me drink to clear the channels filled by daily use
This hand foretells no better fortune, no beter fortune
then your mistress dinner goose


What have we here, fortunes or feasting?
Talk straight away dissembling words like worms, leads only to decay


Now remember profit, I love long life better than gold
So read me well and leave me old

Ominous music to indicate serious problems


I make not the future, but tell what I see
You and your mistress, shall die exquisitely
But this line here doth a sudden curve
You shall both out-live the lady you serve

Iris & Charmein

Fie Fie, you blind old fool
No more riddles, break the rule
How many children must I bear,
to satisfy all who find me fair?


If your every wish a womb, and fertile every wish
a million or more brats both of your should dish

All Laugh


Away Away... comes Mark Antony in a military mood

All exit quickly

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